Hoopla Short-Term Loan: ideal for your emergency expenses


Hoopla Short-Term Loan


The benefits of obtaining short-term loans from Hoopla include:

  1. Loan amounts ranging from R100 to R250,000.
  2. Flexible repayment terms typically ranging from 3 to 60 months.
  3. Convenient 100% online application process.
  4. Quick approval and same-day financing.
  5. Consideration for individuals with bad credit.
  6. Collaboration with direct lenders.

Why does EYEKUP recommend Hoopla’s short-term loan?

EYEKUP recommends the Hoopla short-term loan because it is accessible to all South African citizens, including those facing financial difficulties and having negative credit histories.

This loan is designed to address emergency expenses or facilitate the purchase of goods, featuring a relatively shorter repayment period compared to other available products in the market.

The loan amount you qualify for depends on factors such as your income, residential situation, and credit score.

For individuals with negative credit histories, the approved loan amounts may be lower, and the interest rates may be slightly higher. This serves as a form of guarantee for the lender.

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