Everything you need to know about FNB Student Loans


Why should I apply for the FNB Student Loans?

Discover extra benefits of the FNB Student Loan:

  • Convenient payments with FNB Virtual Card;
  • FNB covers signup costs.

Learn more about the FNB Student Loan:

If you’re interested in the FNB Student Loan, click the button to explore the application process and get started!

The FNB Student Loan is an ideal financing solution for students, offering support not only for tuition fees but also for accommodation expenses, as well as covering the costs of school supplies and devices.

Having discussed the key advantages, let’s now delve into some of the essential requirements associated with this loan.

Eligibility criteria for the FNB Student Loan:

  • Maintain a minimum monthly income of R3000, deposited into your account;
  • Be either permanently employed or self-employed;
  • Both the applicant and student must possess a valid South African identification document;
  • The student must be enrolled and registered with a recognized tertiary institution.

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