Wild Meltdown: Argentine Presidential Candidate Milei Collapses and Surges on Live TV


The video of Javier Milei collapsing and surging during a live TV show has shocked viewers across Argentina. The extreme-right presidential candidate appeared completely out of control during the interview on October 26th, leaving many concerned about his mental state.

Milei, who represents the political party La Libertad Avanza, had been hoping to win the presidential election without the need for a second round. However, his defeat to Sergio Massa of the Union for the Patria coalition left him emotionally distraught. The loss seems to have driven Milei to desperate measures, as he has even considered recruiting a communist to lead his government.

During the interview on America24, Milei’s distress became evident. He exhibited bizarre behavior, using strange gestures that are often associated with individuals who are emotionally unstable. As the conversation continued, Milei’s nervousness escalated, creating an unsettling atmosphere.

Furthermore, Milei expressed his discomfort with the emptiness of the show’s bleachers, which he blamed for his emotional state. The presence of a small audience seemed to add to his distress, highlighting his disappointment in his declining popularity.

As the interview progressed, Milei’s emotional state worsened, eventually leading to a breakdown and tears. It was an overwhelming moment for the presidential candidate, and he had to be accompanied off the set by a production assistant.

The latest polling data from CB Consultoria indicates a technical deadlock in the second round between Milei and Massa. Both candidates seem to be neck and neck in terms of support, making the outcome of the midterm elections on November 19th highly uncertain. However, the polling organization Proyecciones suggests that Massa currently holds a significant 10% lead.

The incident during the live TV show has sparked widespread concern about Milei’s fitness for presidency. Many argue that a candidate who exhibits such emotional instability and lacks psychological control may not be capable of leading a nation effectively. This incident has also raised questions about the extreme-right’s approach to politics and the potential dangers of electing polarizing candidates.

Political analysts and commentators are now closely following Milei’s actions and statements in the aftermath of the interview. They are eager to see if he can regain composure and present himself as a credible candidate in the upcoming elections. The incident has also sparked discussions about the importance of mental health screening for political candidates to ensure their fitness for public office.

Overall, the video of Milei collapsing and surging during the live TV show has become a significant moment in Argentina’s political landscape. It has brought attention to the emotional turmoil experienced by political candidates and the scrutiny they face under intense public pressure. The incident has also ignited debates about the need for political stability and psychological well-being in those aspiring to hold the highest office in the country. As the election date approaches, all eyes will be on the candidates as they strive to win the trust and support of the Argentine people.

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