The Gigantic Titanosaur Tooth: Unveiling a Record-Breaking Discovery in Brazil


The largest titanosaur tooth ever recorded has been discovered in Brazil, thanks to the efforts of scientists from Brazil’s Federal Triangular University (UFTM). The tooth was found in Uberaba, a city located in the Minas Gerais region, during excavations in the Serra da Galga. Remarkably, the tooth had been uncovered a decade ago, but the team took their time to meticulously examine and document their findings before officially announcing the groundbreaking discovery.

The tooth itself, when considering the inclusion of its stem’s corm, measures an impressive 8 cm in height. Its appearance resembles that of a notebook, with one side of it being somewhat irregular. Notably, the diameter of the tooth’s coroa, approximately 6.2 centimeters, solidifies its status as the largest known titanosaur tooth to date.

Thiago Marinho, a paleontologist from UFTM, spoke about the immense significance of the team’s work. He revealed that the tooth was found in the same location as the bones of the Uberabatitan ribeiroi, which holds the distinction of being the largest dinosaur species ever discovered in Brazil, measuring a staggering 27 meters in length. Though he cautioned against definitively linking the tooth to the Uberabatitan ribeiroi, he stated that it is highly likely given that both creatures belong to the titanosaur family of giants.

Currently, the titanosaur tooth resides within the collection of UFTM’s esteemed “Llewellyn Ivor Price” Paleontology Research Center, which is widely regarded as one of Latin America’s most renowned institutions in its field. It serves as a magnet for scholars and experts from around the world who wish to study its vast array of paleontological artifacts.

Uberaba, the city where the tooth was discovered, has solidified its position as a major hub for paleontological research in Brazil. The region’s Dinosaur Museum also garners significant attention, serving as a hub for paleontology enthusiasts and tourists alike. Furthermore, Uberaba is currently in contention for the coveted title of “Global Geopark,” an accolade bestowed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The city eagerly awaits the outcome, set to be announced within the next few months.

The discovery of this mammoth titanosaur tooth is not only a testament to the rich paleontological heritage of Brazil but also to the tireless efforts of the dedicated scientific community. The findings have shed light on a species that once roamed the Earth, allowing us to marvel at the wonders of our prehistoric past. As more discoveries are made and research progresses, the incredible story of the titanosaur tooth will continue to unfold, captivating minds and fueling the quest for knowledge about our planet’s ancient inhabitants.

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