Rising Iron Ore Prices in China: A Solid Foundation for Market Growth


The price of iron ore in China is experiencing a significant rise, supported by a strong underlying market. Investors’ optimism about short-term demand, despite low inventory levels, has contributed to this positive sentiment. As a result, the iron ore futures contracts traded on the Dalian Stock Exchange saw an increase in gains on Wednesday.

The most actively traded iron ore in Dalian ended the day’s trading with a 2.12% gain, bringing the price to 866 yuan per metric ton. This marks the highest price since September 25th. Analysts from Shengda Futures have stated that although the production of hot metals has been declining recently, the rate of decline is relatively slow. The current production level is still considered relatively high for this period.

The daily production of hot metals is expected to decrease to 2.42 million metric tons by the end of October and then recover to approximately 2.45 million metric tons. This production rate will provide strong support for the raw materials used in the steel industry.

According to data from the customs office, China’s iron ore imports have reached an all-time high of 876.65 million metric tons in the first nine months of 2023. This figure breaks the previous record for the country. The solid demand for iron ore driven by increased production at the Gudai-Darri mine, the world’s largest producer of iron ore, has played a key role in this record-breaking import level. Rio Tinto (LON:RIO), the mining company that operates the Gudai-Darri mine, reported a 1.2 percentage point increase in its shipments of iron ore during the third quarter.

In addition to iron ore, the demand for aluminum has also experienced improvement, which has further fueled investor optimism. Data provided by the consulting firm Mysteel shows that daily transaction volumes for aluminum products used in construction reached 208,200 metric tons on Tuesday. This is the highest level since May, indicating a boost in demand for aluminum in the construction sector.

These positive developments in China’s iron ore and aluminum markets reflect the country’s continued economic recovery and growth. The robust demand for these commodities not only indicates the strength of China’s industrial sector but also points to a potentially positive outlook for global economic recovery.

Investors and traders alike are closely monitoring these market trends and developments, as they have significant implications for various industries and sectors. The rising price of iron ore and the increased demand for aluminum have the potential to impact steel production, construction projects, and overall economic activities.

As China plays a crucial role in the global economy, its market trends and developments can have ripple effects worldwide. Therefore, any shifts in iron ore and aluminum prices are closely followed by market participants around the globe.

In conclusion, the price of iron ore in China is experiencing a notable increase, supported by strong market fundamentals. Short-term demand remains optimistic despite low inventory levels. Increased production, record-breaking iron ore imports, and improved demand for aluminum in the construction sector have contributed to this positive market sentiment. As these trends continue to unfold, they have the potential to impact various industries and provide insights into China’s economic recovery and global economic growth.

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