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Bank of Industry Loans


The Bank of Industry (BOI) is a development finance institution in Nigeria. It was established in 2001 with the mandate to provide financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and promote industrial development in Nigeria.

The bank was created as a public-private partnership between the Nigerian government and the private sector, with the goal of providing financing to businesses that lack access to conventional banking services. Over the years, BOI has expanded its operations and become a leading provider of financing to SMEs in Nigeria.

BOI offers a range of financial products and services, including term loans, working capital financing, trade finance, and lease financing. The bank also provides capacity building and technical assistance to its clients to help them grow and succeed.

In addition to its financial services, BOI is committed to promoting sustainable development in Nigeria. The bank has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and is involved in a number of initiatives to support the growth of local communities and the environment.

BOI is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and operates in accordance with the country’s banking regulations and standards. The bank has a strong reputation for reliability and stability and is well-regarded by its customers for its high-quality financial services and products.

The Bank of Industry is a key player in the Nigerian financial sector and plays an important role in promoting industrial development and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country.

What types of loans does the bank offer?

The Bank of Industry in Nigeria offers a variety of loan options tailored to meet the diverse needs of its population. For the people of Nigeria, these loan programs serve as catalysts for economic growth and empowerment. Here are some of the types of loans that the Bank of Industry (BOI) offers:

  • SME Loans: The BOI provides loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to help them expand and modernize their operations. These loans are designed to enhance productivity and competitiveness in the Nigerian business landscape.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Program: This program targets young entrepreneurs and offers financial support, capacity building, and mentorship to enable them to establish and grow their businesses.
  • Agric Processing and Support: In a country with vast agricultural potential, BOI offers loans to agribusinesses involved in processing and support services. These loans aid in transforming the agricultural sector and ensuring food security.
  • Creative Industry Loans: Nigeria’s creative industry is flourishing, and BOI supports individuals and businesses in film, music, fashion, and other creative sectors with loans to harness their full potential.
  • Energy Efficiency Loans: With a focus on sustainable development, the BOI offers loans to businesses looking to invest in energy-efficient technologies, reducing their environmental footprint and operational costs.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Support: This loan program supports businesses in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, improving access to quality healthcare services and locally manufactured pharmaceutical products.
  • Trade and Commerce Loans: These loans help traders and distributors access financing to expand their operations, improve supply chains, and contribute to the growth of the retail sector.

The Bank of Industry’s diverse loan portfolio reflects its commitment to driving economic development and job creation in Nigeria. By offering these tailored financial solutions, the BOI empowers individuals and businesses to thrive, fostering sustainable economic growth throughout the country.

What other services does the Bank offer?

The Bank of Industry (BOI) in Nigeria extends its services far beyond loans, aiming to provide comprehensive support to the Nigerian population in their entrepreneurial and industrial endeavors. Here’s an overview of some of the additional services offered by the BOI:

  • Capacity Building and Training: The BOI recognizes the importance of knowledge and skill development. They offer training programs, workshops, and seminars to equip individuals and businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in their respective industries.
  • Financial Advisory Services: Understanding that financial management is a critical aspect of business success, the BOI provides financial advisory services to help borrowers effectively manage their loans and investments.
  • Technical and Business Support: The BOI offers technical assistance and business support services to help entrepreneurs address challenges, improve operations, and stay competitive in their industries.
  • Market Access and Linkages: To expand market reach and enhance business growth, the BOI facilitates market access and linkages for its clients, helping them connect with potential buyers, distributors, and partners.
  • Research and Development Support: Innovation is key to industrial growth. BOI supports research and development initiatives that promote innovation and technological advancements in various sectors.
  • Export Financing: For businesses looking to tap into international markets, the BOI provides export financing options to support their export activities, contributing to Nigeria’s trade balance.
  • Risk Sharing Initiatives: The BOI collaborates with other financial institutions and agencies to share risk, making it easier for businesses to access financing, even in riskier ventures.
  • Collaborative Programs: BOI partners with local and international organizations, fostering collaboration that can bring new opportunities, investments, and expertise to Nigerian businesses.

Through these services, the Bank of Industry aims to be more than just a lender. It strives to be a strategic partner in the growth and development of Nigerian industries, offering a holistic approach to support entrepreneurs and businesses at every stage of their journey.

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