Dividend Delights: Eleven Companies Showering R$2.1 Billion Through ‘Data Com’ Program


Do you want dividends? If so, you’ll be excited to hear that eleven companies, including Itaú and Auren, are set to distribute dividends and interest on equity (JCP) during the first week of December. This program, known as ‘data com’, will run from the 4th to the 8th of December, and the companies are expected to pay out a staggering total of R$2.1 billion on their respective dates, as confirmed by the Juntas.

Among these eleven companies, Cambuci and Cury have already established a base date for their payments. Cambuci is set to distribute a total of R$3.39 million in JCP, while Cury plans to pay out R$100 million in dividends. Both of these payments are scheduled for the second day of the week. Additionally, the second day marks the beginning of BTG Pactual’s tax collection period.

Moving on to the current day, shareholders who have invested in Totvs, PetroReconcavo, and Direcional can rest assured that they will receive considerable revenue. Totvs is expected to generate R$126.79 million, PetroReconcavo R$160 million, and Direcional R$81.16 million.

Simultaneously, this week, JSL, Ferbasa, Empresa Metropolitana de Águas e Energia, and Auren have all been granted the ability to transmit data. This development opens up new possibilities and opportunities for these companies, enabling them to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.

JSL, a renowned logistics company, can leverage this data transmission capability to enhance its supply chain management and logistics operations. By harnessing real-time data, they can optimize routes, reduce delivery times, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Itaú, one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil, can utilize the data com program to further enhance its banking services. With the ability to transmit data seamlessly, Itaú can provide its customers with faster and more accurate financial information, leading to better-informed decision-making and improved customer experience.

Ferbasa, a leading producer of stainless steel and special alloys, can harness data transmission to optimize its manufacturing processes. By analyzing real-time data, Ferbasa can identify production bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and ensure the highest quality standards for its products.

Empresa Metropolitana de Águas e Energia, a company responsible for water and energy distribution, can utilize the data com program to improve its operational efficiency. With access to real-time data, they can monitor water and energy consumption, detect leaks, and optimize distribution networks, leading to better resource management and reduced wastage.

Lastly, Auren, a prominent auditing and consulting firm, can leverage data transmission to enhance its services. With access to real-time data, Auren can provide more accurate and timely financial insights to its clients, enabling them to make informed business decisions and improve their overall performance.

In conclusion, the ‘data com’ program is set to bring substantial dividends to investors, with eleven companies paying out a total of R$2.1 billion. This program presents exciting opportunities for companies like JSL, Itaú, Ferbasa, Empresa Metropolitana de Águas e Energia, and Auren to leverage data transmission and enhance their operations. By utilizing real-time data, these companies can optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately deliver better products and services to their customers.

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